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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> twice as nice for fans. as joe flacco >> disappearance 24 years ago. >> i still pray for this day, justice ill be serveed. >> why a family believes the case can be solved. >> get off the mmtorcycle. >> a man faced withha felony charge,,forrrecording this video. why it is no longer the case tonight. >> anybody reaay to play slots? >> maryland's ffrst slots parloú is now open for bussness. the great news that convinced early. >> and softball game lasts for five days. howwthese players say thhy are
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gging to make iithappen. >> llve in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> heelo aggin, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. ú%e family offa baltimore county woman that disappeared 24 years3 ago, is hoping her case will finally be solved with new %->> melinda roeder is standingy live in essex to explain why the case has been sold for so ong now. melinda? >> bernadeete carusso last seen in the parring lot of east point mall. 24 years ago. just left her jjb at one of the stores here. headed to meet with her estranned husband. the two had been sepprated ann were involved in a bitter custody battle. right away police suspected foul play thatnnn no one has been charged with the crime. and neither she or her body found. her sisser has spent 24 years searching for answers, and working s an advocate for the missing. she helped toco found a task
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unidentified persons.sing and and she tries to provide resources for familiis of victims. >> we do ot want families experiencing missinn a loved ones to gg through what we have. >> now bernadette carusso's sister is hoping to onvince prosecutors it is time to take case to court with murder charges against a possible even without a body. because they bblieve therr is enough other evidence to move forward. and they are hopinn perhaps someoneethat sees this tonight will come forward with information to help them close this case once and for all. roeder, fox 45 news "late >> thank you melinda. patient at the clifton t perkinn hospital is ddad. another patient charged with her %-susan sacks killed by 46-year-old taylor. sacks was discovered by hospitaa workers when she did not report for breakfast sunday morningg taylor and sacks had rooms on
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the same hallway of the facility. ú%th placed at the state hospital fter found not criminally responsible for -> at this point, based on, you know, the statements given and somm evidence that we have obtained, we believe he is thh individual who committed the crime. surveillance in the hospital. >> taylor has bben charged with first and sec degree murder. ú%vestigators have not released a motive. %-american fisherman.apologizee sentencee to 31 years. lockner told the judge he sentenced to 30 years for thett. attack in south baltimore and 1 year or attacking a corrections officcr behind bars. that officer said locknnr deserved more jail time. >> in accordance with the plea agreement, the state felt that the one yearrwas an appropriate sentence to tack onto the end of what was considered to be the
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>> lockner is re a registered sex offender in the state.3 -> the storms that moved thrrugh the area brought tornado warnnngs with them. >> parts of carroll, howard, baltimore counties under the waanings earlier today. nothing came of them.3 jjst a ay of gray skies and rain. strange weather though. and we can see more flooding. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with more on how much rain we will get.3 vytas. %-rainfall accoss parts of the state. ssme rain still cooing down at3 ú%is time. dealing with that. anywherr from ooe to 3 inches ú%ssible of rainfall. as we conttnue to hear that rrin come down across the region. we are going to continue to sse that shower activity pushing through.ú %-we have that inneffect through central maryland. -orthhrn virginia and through baltimore city, yoo have to be -oncerned abbut the metropolitan areaa, where the ground is saturated for flooding could occur. on radarr look at the heaviest rain, salisbury, along the beach line3
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areas, toward rahooeth and ocean city, heavy rainfall. it looks like showers are light. buu they will continue to come down overnight. how much are we talking about? future scan shows the pooential of an additional, already annú we could ee anotthr inch and a so as much as 3 inches by theú -ime it is done, mid afternoon, ú%d evening tomorrrw. closer look at what is coming our way next. when we finally dry ut. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> all right vytas. 16-year-old is charged with posseesing an illeeaa firearm after his 2-year--ld brother finds the gun and accidentally3 shoots himself. -t happennd early this morning, -n an apartment in haaerstown. he shot himself in the chest aad is now at children's hospital in critical condition. and one of his friendssis lso facing charges for helppng him hide the gun at a nearby playgroond right after he shooting. they were wrong to arrest and
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charge a man for taping his own traffic stop and posting it on theeinternet. >> get off the motorcycle. get off the motorcycle. stop along i-95 in march.3 when a maryland state trooper stopped anthony graber on the motorcycle for speeding. ú%s heemet camera recorded the encounter. video shows the trooper killing the guu and telling graber to was himsslf as a police officer. and an attorney wwth the a.c.l.u. calls it a victory for the public in recording policc glux those recordings are frequently tte only reason that public misconduct ever comes to lightt and they are frequently the only reason that public officials are actually able to be held accountable. >> graber still faces traffic the ffrst casino in the state o3 business. >> everybody ready to play
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slots? >> hollywooddcasino in perryville opeeed the doors at hollywood had a o-called soft opening saturday. and things went very well. maayland gaming officials decided to ssgn the license sunday. paving the way for today's early owning. >> well normally i doosomething productive on monday morning. ú%ke plly golf. or do some other recreatiooal thing. i said, well, lets deviatt from the normaalactiviiy. ú%d why not try to gamble. >> he has fun on monday. two hours into the opening, a baltimore woman won $5000 on a dollar slot machine. onto the question of the day. ú%ll you play slots in maryland casinos? 52 percent say yes. ester writes on facebook. heck yes, i have been waiting forever for slots to come to thú state of maryland. now bring them to arundel mills and i will be happier. but stacy writee. no, maryland gets enough of my money rom my taxes. see you, at delaware park.
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ú% southweet airlines is buying airtran. once approved the $115 billion deal will put southwest in %-airlines.etition with delta deal gives southwest a bigger sliceeof the mark in citiis like -oston and new york. sales expected to be finalized early next year. >> well, if you thinkkyou hear women say i am sorry, more than mee. -pparently you are right. researchersshad a group of people between 18 and 24 keep a growwnl 12 days, those journals reeealed that women apologize more than men. researchees say ii is not that ú%n re reluctant top admit long %-higher threshold for what the3 think warrants an apology. >> good excuse. >> interesting way to look at it. >> i like that. >> national aquarium in of one of thh bottlenose doophins tonight. lengthy iilness.hiloh was
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performing at the national aquaaium since 1993. she gave birth to two dolphins and helped to raise another during her time in baltimore..3 the director said she was a strong role model for the other missed. >> balancing privacy with national security as communicatiin options expand. thh growing questions about what can and cannot be wire tapped coming up fter thh brrak. >> inside of a plane, during an emergency landdng. coming up. more of this dramatic video
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>> it appears that the president could soon be in need f a new chief of staff. several media outlees, including ú%e washington poss reeort ttnight that rahm emanuel will announcc later this week, thatt3 he will llave tte white house,
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and run for mayor of chicago. is building a campaign team. and official announcement is expected by friday. is pushing for new authooity to monitorr he increasingly wide array of communication options available to ameriians and ottees. shannon bream reports on a question of balancing national security, with personaa privacy. ú% a miss report that the administration is working to ú%aft egislation that could give the government better -ritics warn providing a back door for the feds could empowerú the very peopll that the government is hoping to shut down. drug cartels cannand terror networks.3 >> i think it wwuld be hard too3 assure coosumers about rivacy, if the mandate is that the product be built in with a trap door, tt allow for government access. you know, bad guys can find the trap door too. >> prrposal reportedly under
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consideration would not necessarily expand the government's authority to access information buttmay forcc companies to have the framework in place to more easily provide3 the iiformation once it is3 >> when human lives are at stake, we wwnt to be able to, in a very quick fashion, able to get as much evidence as possible to figure out who is at stake. what will happen, where it might happen.. >> teresa patton morning the thht came under fire each time the adminissration (inaudible) -ow will this administration fair on capitol hhll? >> i think government has uphill %-battle.ould have an uphill when you consider the implications for privacy. and forrinnovation. be thinkkng twicc about whether to support this idea. >> many within the ech inddstry are expressing concerns about %-these kind of shoot cuus forre government. worrying that small start ups that have oftennbeen the key to lauuccing any innovations may be
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discouraged from competing att3 >> we get to ee what it is like inside of a delta flight that made an emergency llnding at jfk airporr innnew york over the weekend. ,3 heads down. stay down. heads down, stay down. heads down, stay down. >> wow! this is video from inside of delta fllght 4951 saturday night. the plane was headed to white plains but forced to lan at jfk without any working landing gear. >> text messaged my girlfriend and told her i love her. tell my friends i love them too. just in case, because landing gear is not working. ú% speechless, when you juut are sitting there looking over at your buddy like, i on'ttknoww i hope we make it. -ou know, i m not ready to go yet. >> the captain is being caaled a hero tonight. no one waa hurt. >> a jury onvicts a drunk ú%iver in the death of a
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promising major league pitcher that was also a maryland native. killed last year alonggwith two others when a drunk driver hit them. today a juuy found andrew gallo guilty of several charges including three counts of second-degree murder. gallo's blood alcohol level was three timessthe legal limit at gallo now faces betwwen 50 year3 sentenced in december. >> strange weathee today around theseeparts.ú but it could have been worre. that's right. is ssanding by watching the rainfall and potential flooding. vyyas? >> we have heavy rain coming down. earlier today. heavy rain. and now more raii on the way out going to the map here. you can see, we haae a flash flooddwatth. that means that water can riie quickly from heavy downnours of saturaaed. -o fflks that live in low lying areas along the coastal region havv to be very caatious about that hrough the overnight
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looking attthe radar. you can see some of the shower activity pushing through. heavier rain, on the eastern shore. right now, boy, coming down along the border of elaware and maryland. eastern shore area. out in salisbury and in ocean city. thattis the heaviist place for rain pushing up to new jerrey. but more rain south of that. and we re lookinn attthe potentiil on he future scan. preddction with model run, anywherr from another additional inch and a half or more, across the state. for sme folks. -otentially as we go into the overnight, then into tomoorow. that's on top of what we have seen from just today, and this %-so skycam looking doontown. -ater droplets here on the camera lens. 71 degrees.ú winds out of the south at three. humidity levels at 93 percent. almanac shows a inch of rain already at the aarport. downtown inner harbour about an ú% talking about the potential of adding another be additional inch or more on top of that. ss anywhere from one to 3 incces system. as this continues to ride uu the moisture from the south.
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you see over virginia and carolinas more rain. spawned up by the area of low pressure anddfrontal boundary that pushes through. futtre scan shows the activity puuhinn throogh. moving off to the north. we will start to see high ú%essure build in from the ohio river valley to push the moisture awayy maybe another recurring shower possibly on thursday. but until then, we have to deal with rain tonight. 72 degrees. winds out of the south 10-to-15. and then for tomorrow. 83 degrees. morning showers. breaking mmybe late in the day. maybe a few breaks of sun tryinn to come throogh nonethelessskeep the umbrrllas nearby. wednesday. 78 thursday. showers possible. friday and saturday lower 70s w sunshiie. >> five straight days of coming uppy a group in anada is >> the ravens pro bowl running back could miss sunday match up against pittsburg.3 rice ground sod far. coming up next in sports.
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>> get this t 2 crazy world record attempts. >> british ung gee jumper threw himself from a craneeabove ú%ndon 42 times in one hour. gets in the guinness records. -revious record as we knoo, was 19.3 >> i didn't know. but now i do. >> a group in canada is trying to break the world record for3 the longest softball game. to do it they have to play 120 hours of softball. there can be two teams with up to 40 players. break to say leep are allowed. field so hey sleep in tents in the outfield. >> me aad my dad used to have the guiiness book, when i as a kid and stuff. so always been familiar with ii. nice to be in there. i always wanted to breaa a word. >> out here playing ball and it came up. >> group needs to playyuntil 1 .m. on wednesday to break the record.
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>> after the ravens beat the browns yesterday, it waa the most asked question of all. how is ray rice's knee. we have information on that this evening t might not be as bad as was feared. rice injured the knee in the forth quarter against the browns and left the game. not to returr. he underwent an mri today. and the results have the ravens feeling uubeat. no damage whatsoever to tte ligaments or cartilage. and basically a bad bruise. >> we have the mri back. i am sure it is a significant contusion. so just have to see how he fairs thrrughout the week. %-leron can run the ball.again, palmly you have not seen much. but if he gets a chance to run the bbll. he can do it. so we like that situation. >> we have two great backs coming to the situation. we will do what we have to do. >> elsewhere, he is now 42 years %-but, at least, one nfllteam
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thhnks stover may have thunder in the right leg. veteran kickerrspent the day in new orleans trying ut for the saints. leading scorer in ravens history, stover and karenne brought in after saints kickee heartly missed a 29-yarderr3 got them beat. stooer kicked last season for the colts who consequently enough lost to the saints in the superbowl. >> and the world of pro football lost a true legend today. george blanda died. 83. he played 26 seasons as a but best remembered for the 1970 season when late game heroics four teams. and made the blanda a national folk hhrr he retired in 1976 at age 48. inducted into thh pro football hall of fame in 1981. legendary eorre blanda dead at age 83. >> it is time again for our hhgh vote for the game you would like to see highlights of by going to and clicking on
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maybe you will see your school this friday night. here is this week's slate of games. north harford vs. patterson mill in field hockey. easter tech vs. overleaain -ootball. south carroll vs. century in football. spalding vs. maryvale in girls soccer. >> log onto to cass your vote.úú%>> we will anr on thursday nighh.
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old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow about 83 egrees.3 we will see clouds and some showers through the morning, into the afternoon. may get a few breaks in the cloud and sun poking through which is nice in the suffer afternoon. clearing wednesdaa. 75. %-thursday possible round of 50 percent chance. on the weekend, 74 friday with 71 saturday with more sunshine. and rounding out the week in the upper 60s. but look at the overnight temperatures. cooling off tt the low 50s. and pper 40s so we are starting to see theetemperaturee get pretty cool as we get into early parts of next week. jennifer and he jeff? >> all right, vytas, hank you. you can be in charre of your own -ersonalized forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track storms down to our neighborhood. go to and cliik on iiradar. >> and that will do t for the "late edition" tonight.
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thanks for joining us. >> and i am jennifer gilbert.ú up next,,is how i met your mother. and be sure to tune in to morning news tomorrow starting
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